Announcement : Doug Conover Co-Presents to Inpact Conference on the Legal Aspects of Social Media

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  • The theme for the conference is Skills and Tools for Managing Partners as Team Leaders, facilitated by Jeffrey Nischwitz. Among the specific topic sections to be presented are: Team Engagement and Acceleration Team Communication, Accountability, and Execution Marketing - Unleashing Rainmakers As is our custom, at the Fall conference we will present our financial ratios review. To make the results more meaningful for our European members, financial ratios will be presented separately for North American members and for European members. We are also considering additional speakers. The official agenda will be sent to members around the middle of May. You cannot afford to miss this conference!
  • LawPact is pleased to announce Estudio Juridico Gallegos as its member firm in Quito, Ecuador.

    EJL was organized in 1961, the firm offers business, real estate, employment and labor, and intellectual property services.  The firm has two partners and three associates.

    Cristobal Montufar represented EJL at the recent conference in Mexico City. .
    For more information on Estudio Juridico Gallegos, please follow the link ( to their brochure under Publications on the LawPact web site.

    The addition of EJL as a member is another step in LawPact’s strategy to build its membership in Central and South America.  LawPact now has member firms in Brazil (2), Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, in addition our Mexican member firm. 

    Please welcome Estudio Juridico Gallegos to LawPact!

  • LawPact President Douglas Conover and Ralph Certrulo made a joint presentation on the topic Doing Business in the U.S. at the recent Inpact International conference in Washington D.C.

    The presentation provided international accountant and tax advisors an overview of the available entity choices, the advantages and disadvantages of the various of the various entity types, and the tax ramifications of doing business in the United States. Approximately 30 foreign tax and accounting professionals attended the presentation. 

    Doug is the principal of the Law Offices of Douglas Conover located in Chicago, Illinois. He represents small to medium sized businesses and their owners in a wide range of business law subjects. Ralph Cetrulo is a principal of Cetrulo & Morgan Group, LLC of Wilmington, Delaware. Ralph's firm will merge with Stephano Slack LLC, a Philadelphia-based accounting firm, on December 1, 2014. Ralph is a member of the Board of Directors of Inpact Americas.

    The powerpoint presentation is available to LawPact members at the LawPact website under the Business Formation heading of the Publications section. Foreign members of LawPact may find the presentation helpful if they have clients who are seeking to do business in the United States.

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