Santiago Mediano Abogados
Street Address
Emp. Nova Amoreiras ~ R. Artilharia Um 71 a 77, Lote 7, 3º piso, Fracçao 10
Mailing Address
Emp. Nova Amoreiras ~ R. Artilharia Um 71 a 77, Lote 7, 3º piso, Fracçao 10
351 21 240 99 61
351 21 240 95
(UTC 00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London



About Santiago Mediano Abogados


At Santiago Mediano Abogados we bring together talent, dedication and experience in order to produce effective solutions for all our clients´ needs based upon excellence and personalized attention.

We share in the satisfaction of our clients who confirm our know-how and the highest level of responsibility that we put into meeting our goals.

Our greatest asset is the trust placed in us, giving us the impetus to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing realities of the world and to be at the forefront of such evolution, providing practical and creative legal solutions to the needs of our clients.

Having learned over a long period of time that multinationals view Spain and Portugal together as a single market, we have formed the firm belief that it is essential to offer clients a single point of reference for all of their businesses across the Iberian Peninsula and throughout the sphere of influence of the peninsular in the world beyond.  Santiago Mediano Abogados provides comprehensive and multi-disciplinary legal advice to companies that have business interests throughout the Iberian Peninsula and in those countries that speak Portuguese and that are influenced by Portuguese culture, such as Brazil and Angola. As such, we are a one-stop shop for all legal work that requires handling in either country, providing the client with a single billing process and co-ordinated and comprehensive management across both countries that will enable the most cost-efficient service across the entire peninsula.

At Santiago Mediano Abogados we work hard towards becoming a platform of reputed resources for individuals and companies in their day-to-day matters and in their strategic planning, where they can feel secure and confident that they will be provided with ideas and opportunities for the development and achievement of their objectives,  based on motivation, commitment to the highest work quality, the continuous pursuit of excellence and pride in belonging to the team at Santiago Mediano Abogados.

Our philosophy is to be the best defender of your interests, passionate about the complete range of our work, from the area of professional ethics, to the performing of well-executed work, to the contribution to the greater good of society.

Our objective is to assist our clients in the development of their businesses via our efforts and experience, combining forces for the purposes of constructing a better society.

The firm was set up with the intention of creating a model for lawyers in which the notions of service and responsibility are married to the satisfaction of performing well-executed work; that being the case, our vision is to propose a new model of legal services: to be lawyers for a new age, setting an example to the profession by thinking and acting towards continuous improvement and in serving society through our work.

The firm´s culture is born of the broadest international experience, both at the professional and personal levels, with a conscious decision to move in a flexible model applied to give priority to the interests of the client.  Our culture is rich with multi-cultural values, being Mediterranean in warmth and the desire to enjoy things of the highest quality, American in being the best-of-friends to our clients, German and Swiss in the disciplined manner in which we apply a business methodology that obtains the best results, and "World" in understanding that what counts are people, not cultural barriers. We are lawyers for a new age.


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